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Used & Refurbished Xerox Printers for Sale


X-Digital has been buying, selling and rebuilding Xerox High Speed Laser Printers for over 25 years. We have rebuilt and sold over 1000 printers and are very excited to announce that we are currently rebuilding Xerox C75 and J75′sXerox 770 Digital Color Press, Xerox Color 550 560 570, Xerox D95 D110 D125’s, and Igen 4 and are now offering these exciting new products to our customers. 
Most X-Digital employees have been trained by Xerox in both sales and support capacities. X-Digital has been able to successfully rebuild the full range of Xerox products from the Doc 12 to recently rebuilding an Igen 4. All machines are rebuilt to Xerox Standards so they can be placed on a Full Service Maintenance Agreement.