X-Digital has sold and installed machines in Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Middle East and India.

20 July 2013


 July 20, 2013

X-Digital sold a couple of Xerox 5000’s to a customer in Africa who wanted to maintain the equipment himself as he had no other resources available to him. So in early 2013 we had him come over to our facility here in Southern California and over the next 2 weeks we rebuilt a 5000 for him from the frame out, stripped it right to the frame and showed him how we rebuild it and also showed him how he could maintain the 5000 at his facility in Africa once it arrived there by boat, we put him thru a fairly extensive 2 week course on how to keep a Xerox 5000 operational and how to keep it in great running condition. We isolated different problems and let him clear the jams and reset the machine, he was involved in the complete redue of the equipment and was very comfortable with the equipment by the time he was leaving to fly back to Africa. He has had a few challenges in the past 6 months but with our help he has been able to keep the 5000 as a productive piece of printing equipment in his shop and looking forward to securing another unit.

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