X-Digital just installed our first iGen4. We believe it is the first third-party installation of this printer in the United States.

22 February 2013


 February 22, 2013

X-Digital in early 2013 purchased, refurbished, and installed a Xerox IGEN 4 Laser Printer that had been written off by the manufacturer as it had been involved in some water damage and the machine was declared condemned and could not be used anymore. We took that as a challenge and by using entire sub-systems and entire housings from an IGEN 3 we were able to reassemble the machine and make it a productive unit, the customer has been running a few hundred thousand pages per month on the IGEN with very few problems. We had as a resource some people who had been trained on the Igen and they were able to train a couple of the customers operators and engineers on how to keep the Igen 4 operational and they have been running the equipment quite successfully for almost a year and using a great deal of parts off an older Igen 3 whenever necessary- Another winning situation for X-Digital where we were told we couldn’t do something but thru hard work, a creative mind or 2 and a can do attitude we were able to resurrect a very expensive piece of equipment and it just shows once again that Xerox does make the best products

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