Advantages of Production Color Printers

Advantages of Production Color Printers

Colorful documents and vibrant marketing materials can take your business to the next level. But is your office printer up for the challenge?

In the past, most businesses got by with basic black ink printers. However, color printers are now the preferred option for many companies.

Fortunately, affordable color printing technology is more accessible than ever. By adding splashes of color to your monochrome documents, you’ll upgrade printing and improve your business in a variety of surprising ways.

The Benefits of Production Color Printers

Here are a few of the advantages of investing in a production color printer for your business.

#1 You’ll Capture Customers’ Attention

Color draws the eye more than bland, black-and-white text. By spicing up your documents with color print, they will be more attractive and memorable to customers.

Here are some attention-grabbing statistics about color printing provided by Xerox:

  • Color increases readership by 80% – It takes readers 2.5 seconds to decide if they want to read your pamphlet or direct mail. By adding color to these materials, you increase their chances of  capturing readers’ attention and earning their readership.
  • Color increases attention spans – Readers’ attention spans increase by 82% when a color document uses ink strategically. Thus, using a production color printer is a fast way to maximize your readers’ attention once you’ve drawn them in.
  • Color makes information 39% more memorable – After investing time into creating marketing materials and getting them in front of your target audience, you want readers to retain the information. Using color ink is a quick and easy way to make this happen.

#2 You’ll Increase Employees’ Productivity

Color has benefits beyond capturing customers’ attention. It also enhances your employees’ productivity in the office.

Here are a few compelling statistics that display this phenomenon:

  • Using color reduces document search time by 80% for administrative workers
  • Using color reduces form-fill errors by 80%, improving data accuracy considerably
  • Using color helps employees locate information 70% faster
  • Using color enhances document organization by 15%
  • Using color increases employees’ learning and retention of information by 78%

As you can see, adding color to your office materials has a powerful impact on efficiency. All you need is a production color printer. Furthermore, color production printers boast impressive print speeds, output volumes, and print accuracy.

#3 You’ll Make More Sales 

When considering a big purchase, you naturally want to know what the return on investment will be. Color production printing is well worth the investment. Why is that?

Color printing has been shown to boost sales by a whopping 80% when used on sales documents and consumer brochures. In addition, it also enhances brand recognition. By showcasing a vivid logo on your documents, customers will remember your brand. In turn, you’ll attract more business and enjoy more word-of-mouth marketing.

#4 You’ll Produce Higher Quality Documents 

Outdated desktop printers simply can’t compete with the quality of color production printers. These high-performance machines are known for their stunning image quality, crisp text, and bright colors on paper. By purchasing one to upgrade your print quality, you can finally say goodbye to frustrating streaks, blotches, and misprints for good.

By increasing the quality of your printing, you’ll put your best foot forward with customers. They will see your flawless prints as just one more indicator of your business’ professionalism and high standards.

#5 You’ll Enjoy Greater Print Flexibility

When you have high-quality color printing in your business arsenal, the print job possibilities are endless. You can complete diverse printing projects with confidence, including:

  • Pamphlets
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Customized envelopes
  • Direct mail

By breaking free of the limitations of the copy machine and desktop printers, the sky’s the limit. No matter what you want to print, you can expect flawless production each time with a color production printer. In turn, you can reduce your reliance on expensive print shops, which often charge hefty fees for color copying and printing needs.

#6 You’ll Enhance Security 

If you don’t own a production color printer, you’ll have to use a print shop for special print jobs. In turn, all your printed content will be at the disposal of the print shop’s staff. If they fail to adequately protect your information, there’s not much you can do about it.

Outsourcing is a risky move if you print confidential content. Thus, it’s much safer to print in-house instead. Fortunately, with a color production printer, you can do just that.

Better yet, these advanced machines come with the latest security technology, including end-to-end encryption and user access controls. These safety print trends will not only save you money but keep your business safe.

#7 They Are Easy to Use

At this point, you may be wondering: Do color production printers come with a steep learning curve? You might assume so, but this is not the case.

Modern color production printers are incredibly user-friendly with print quality to match. Thus, you’ll get the hang of operating yours in no time.

X-Digital: Affordable Color Printing

Are you ready to bring the benefits of color production printing to your business?

If so, browse X-Digital’s selection of state-of-the-art Xerox printers. Whether you want a new or refurbished Xerox printer model, X-Digital has a color production printer for you to accomplish all your printing needs.


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