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X-Digital is the industry leader in refurbishing, selling and servicing Xerox Production and Office Equipment. We offer cutting edge technology for a fraction of the retail price.  It’s truly a win win!  Thank you in advance for the consideration. 

We have 30 years of experience refurbishing and selling Xerox Production Printers and Copiers. In fact, we were chosen by Xerox to be their West Coast Refurbisher and were awarded Gold Reseller Status for our quality workmanship and sales participation. Through this partnership, we practiced refurbishing equipment to a “manufacturer’s previously owned certified status” using all authorized Xerox parts and supplies. We take equipment down to the frame, and assemblies are thoroughly cleaned, defective and worn parts are replaced, and each component is calibrated and tested which enables our machines to be resold as “like new and classified as refurbished”. Our refurbing process guarantees X-Digital’s equipment will satisfy the requirements of the Xerox service staff and be 100% eligible for a Xerox full-service maintenance contract. Locally in Southern California, we are an Independent Service Provider for Xerox production equipment currently servicing and supporting 22M impressions per month.


What We Do

Simply put, we help you make the best decision for your business when buying refurbished Xerox commercial printers and equipment. We offer the full line of Xerox production equipment and also buy used Xerox production equipment, completely refurbish it, and resell it. Our selection of fully refurbished and used office printers for sale is unrivaled. We put it on our own maintenance agreement or we can assist you in getting it on a Xerox service contract at no additional cost. We pride ourselves in the expertise and Xerox tenure of our employees including our techs, our technical analyst and sales support. We are all true problem solvers – not product peddlers. The average tenure with Xerox Direct for each of our staff is a minimum of 15 years. Finding the right mix of Xerox equipment and services is what we do. Our commercial printing equipment and service solutions will end your equipment headache and help your shop or business succeed increasing your performance and profitability!


Find products with revolutionary color image quality, ultra-high print speed
B&W impression machine output, and pro-quality in-line finishing options
with our digital production presses.


While we offer a robust list of  refurbished Xerox technology and service options, it’s not the whole story. A big part of what makes X-Digital a trusted partner is how we do it. We offer expertise, dedication, integrity, and a friendly partnership. We offer a turnkey price that includes delivery, installation, training and certification for a Xerox Full Service Maintenance Contract nationwide. It is a relationship and partnership. We have a win/win philosophy.






Experience fast output with efficient work
flows and time-saving productivity with
seamless software integration from our
multifunction printers.



OEM Xerox Parts




Use X-Digital at Power Digital and got great Xerox machine at 1/3 the price. Highly recommend compared to buying new at full price when it is covered by Xerox service anyways.

– Digital Marketing Company

Contact the Xerox machine experts at X-Digital for any questions about our refurbishing process, to request further information, or if you have a Xerox machine to sell. If you have already done (or are currently doing) business with us, tell us about your experience and let us know how we’re doing!



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We have 30 years specializing in refurbishing and selling the full line of Xerox office equipment. With years of experience in the printer industry, we have defined the right way to properly refurbish Xerox products. Quality you can trust, shop with X-Digital.

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