Guide to Xerox d110 Drum Cartridge Replacement

Guide to Xerox d110 Drum Cartridge Replacement

The regular replacement of consumables on the Xerox D110 system is an important step for ensuring the ongoing productivity of your production printer. In addition to replacing the toner cartridge on a regular basis, you will also need to change the drum cartridge periodically. 

We’ll outline what the drum cartridge is, why it is important, and provide specific steps for replacing the drum cartridge on your system. Note that changing the drum cartridge should only be done by a trained equipment operator. If you are unfamiliar with the system, have your service administrator or machine administrator walk you through the process.

What is a Drum Cartridge?

Drum cartridges are used to apply toner from the toner cartridge onto your print media. Drum cartridges are also sometimes referred to as drum units or the xerographic module. In certain laser printing systems, the drum cartridge and toner cartridge are integrated into a single unit. On new and refurbished Xerox D110 systems, the drum cartridge and toner cartridge are separate, and these printer supplies will need to be replaced periodically. 

The process through which a drum cartridge facilitates the transfer of an image onto your print media is complex. 

When you print a page, the laser scanning unit in your system reproduces the pattern for your print on the surface of the drum. In doing so, it generates a negative charge that allows your positively charged toner to attract to the surface of the drum cartridge. As the drum rolls, this image is applied to the surface of your print media. The final bond between toner and media is accomplished with the fuser roller.

When To Replace Your Drum Cartridge

The lifespan of a drum cartridge will vary depending on a number of factors, including the length of the print job and the size of print media used. A best practice is to replace your drum cartridge when prompted to by your Xerox D110. A notice should appear on your device indicating when a drum cartridge replacement is necessary.

Note that you will need to replace your drum cartridge in order for your system to continue producing prints. Production laser printing systems require a drum cartridge to transfer toner to print media, which makes it crucial to replace the drum cartridge when prompted by your system.

How to Change Your Xerox D110 Drum Cartridge

The xerox d110 drum cartridge replacement is a fairly straightforward process, but you will need to be mindful of a couple of things from the outset.

  • Your replacement drum cartridge should not be exposed to fluorescent light or sunlight for longer than 2 minutes. Extended exposure to these light sources may damage the cartridge.
  • Do not remove your replacement drum cartridge until you are prompted to by your device.
  • Ensure the printer has stopped printing and that the Online and Job in Memory LEDs are off before proceeding.
  • Written guidance for the process can be found here. A video guide of the process is also available at the bottom of the page. It is highly recommended that you watch the video guide before attempting a drum cartridge replacement for the first time.
  • This process can be used for xerox d95 drum cartridge replacement as well.
  1. Prepare a piece of cardboard or paper to place the used drum cartridge on.
  2. Power down the system via the Control Panel.
  3. Open up the front door of the system. You may need to unscrew the Drum Latch Cover if it was not removed after the unit was shipped.
  4. Move Handle 2 clockwise to the unlocked position.
  5. Next, rotate the Drum Lock lever counterclockwise to the unlocked position.
  6. Place your hand on the Drum Cartridge, then depress the Drum Latch.
  7. Pull the Drum Cartridge straight out until the top handle becomes visible. Use the top handle to assist you as you pull the Drum Cartridge out completely. Place the used Drum Cartridge on the piece of cardboard you prepared in Step 1.
  8. Prepare the Drum Cartridge for installation by removing it from the box and removing the foam from the wrapper. Do not remove the wrapper until you are ready to install it. Be very mindful during the next steps to not allow the blue drum to come into contact with any surfaces or be exposed to light for longer than 2 minutes.
  9. When you are ready to install the replacement Drum Cartridge, remove it from the wrapper and carefully remove any tape or paper packaging that remains. 
  10. Using the handles on the Drum Cartridge, align the cartridge with the rails in the printer. When aligned, gently push the Drum Cartridge forward until it clicks into position.
  11. Rotate the Drum Lock Lever clockwise to the locked position, then rotate Handle 2 counterclockwise into the locked position.
  12. Close the front door of the system, then power on the machine via the Control Panel.

Note that it is not necessary to reset a Drum Cartridge replacement counter on the Xerox D110 system. 

Closing Thoughts

In order to harness the power and productivity of the Xerox D110 system, you’ll need to replace consumables like the drum cartridge periodically. Drum cartridges are used to transfer toner onto media, making them an integral component of any laser printing system.

A Xerox D110 drum cartridge replacement is a fairly linear process. Be very mindful of exposing the replacement cartridge to excessive light during the replacement process. 

If you need any assistance replacing the drum cartridge on your Xerox D110 system or with other issues such as finding your Xerox D110 default password, please contact our team at X-Digital. With decades of experience offering servicing, refurbishing, and selling Xerox producing printing systems, we’re the perfect resource for your Xerox product troubleshooting needs. 

To learn more about maintenance on your Xerox D110 production printing system, contact us today!


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