What is a Printer Maintenance Kit

If you’re interested in performing preventative maintenance for your printing system, you may realize that you need a printer maintenance kit to complete it. Though not all Xerox printers have maintenance kits available, for those that do it’s a great preventative maintenance tool. Maintenance kits go beyond the toner cartridge and supply printer parts needed […]

20 January 2021

A Guide to Xerox Default Admin Passwords

Xerox production printers like the Xerox D110 are powerful machines. Whether you opt for a new or refurbished Xerox D110, to maximize the benefit you get out of yours, you’ll need to understand how to configure and manage the system. One important aspect of this is accessing and utilizing the administrative control functions on the […]

20 January 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Xerox D110

First introduced on the market in 2012, the Xerox D110 was marketed as the one-stop solution for demanding monochrome print environments. Since that time, the Xerox D110 has proven to be a dependable, high-output black-and-white print solution.  With an established presence on the market, the Xerox D110 has excellent support, widely available parts, and great […]

20 January 2021

Guide to Xerox d110 Drum Cartridge Replacement

The regular replacement of consumables on the Xerox D110 system is an important step for ensuring the ongoing productivity of your production printer. In addition to replacing the toner cartridge on a regular basis, you will also need to change the drum cartridge periodically.  We’ll outline what the drum cartridge is, why it is important, […]

20 January 2021

Xerox Versant 180 vs 280 Product Comparison

The Versant family of Xerox production printers is widely recognized for delivering exceptional value and capabilities. For years, the Versant 180 has offered mid-production printing capabilities and an array of finishing options that can be used to meet emergent needs, all at an affordable price point. The newly released Versant 280 takes the capabilities of […]

11 January 2021

Xerox Versant 3100 vs 4100 Product Comparison

The Xerox Versant 3100 has been a workhorse production digital press ideal for medium to heavy printing needs since its introduction in 2016. With a full suite of automation tools and finishing options, the robust capabilities of the Versant 3100 can be used to drive growth and expand the print services your business can offer. […]

11 January 2021

Xerox Versant 4100 vs 280 Product Comparison

Whether you are looking for light-to-medium production printing, or need a heavy-duty solution for demanding printing environments, there’s sure to be a Xerox Versant digital production press that’s right for you. So much more than just a printer and copier, a Xerox Versant machine is an integrated printing solution for your business.  This year, Xerox […]

11 January 2021

Why Preventative Maintenance is Important for SMBs

For many small businesses (SMB), finding ways to cut costs and still deliver results is essential for driving growth. What you may not realize is that your printing is probably costing more than it should if you’ve been neglecting preventative maintenance.  Driving those costs down isn’t as difficult as you might think, and may be […]

11 December 2020

Best All-in-One Printers For Business Growth

If you’re a small or medium-sized business looking to drive business growth, you’ll need tools and technology that can grow alongside you. Finding a print solution that offers scalable growth potential can seem challenging, but the good news is there are lots of good Xerox multifunction printer options out there that fit the bill! Why […]

23 September 2020

Most Ink Efficient Inkjet Printers for Businesses

As one of the most significant consumables affecting your total cost of ownership, finding ink efficient printers is an important consideration for most businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses need to balance investments into hardware with consumable cost and other factors that impact ongoing ownership costs. While assessing your total cost of ownership for an inkjet […]

22 September 2020

Nuvera 144 vs D136: Which is the Better ROI?

If you’re in the market for a black-and-white digital press, you may end up finding yourself weighing the differences between the Xerox Nuvera 144 and the Xerox D136. Both are monochrome, digital press production systems with features that small and medium-sized production printers can leverage to push their business to the next level. But which […]

21 September 2020

7 Easy Printer Maintenance Tips For Small Businesses | X-Digital

Implementing a comprehensive maintenance schedule is crucial for protecting your investment in any printer model. Regardless of whether you are operating a multifunction printer in an office setting or a digital press in a print production environment, maintaining your printer is necessary for maximizing your output, minimizing downtime, and reducing larger maintenance costs down the […]

18 August 2020

Should You Buy Refurbished Copiers or Printers?

If you’re a business that is looking to keep operating costs down, one way to do so without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, or quality is to invest in a refurbished printers or copiers machine.  Like-new equipment has some distinct advantages over new equipment, including cost-effectiveness and access to a wider range of models, while still retaining […]

16 August 2020

How to Minimize Capital Cost on Your Digital Press: Section 179

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, chances are you can reduce your capital costs for a digital press during the current tax year. Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code (26 U.S. Code § 179) allows businesses to deduct equipment costs from their gross income.  Using Section 179 can be a great […]

18 August 2020

Advantages of Digital Enhancements in Print Technology

Digital enhancements are an excellent way for print providers to expand and strengthen the suite of print services they offer customers. Demand for unique, eye-catching marketing has continued to expand over recent years as businesses compete to stand out. Digital enhancements play a key role in this by enabling companies to create unique printed materials […]

17 July 2020

Increase Conversion With Personalization Printing

If you’re searching for new ways to increase your conversion rates, you may want to take a closer look at personalized print marketing. Consumer demand for personalized marketing has never been higher. One way to improve brand visibility and increase conversions is to meet consumer demand for personalization printing as a business. Additionally, digital enhancements […]

12 July 2020

Top Benefits of Digital Print For Packaging

Digital print is fundamentally changing the packaging space by offering brand owners the ability to quickly and easily produce exceptional color prints directly onto the substrate to produce powerful and engaging packaging. The top benefits of digital print for packaging include generating new avenues for increasing customer engagement, enhancing brand identity, and boosting efficiency while […]

11 July 2020

10 Ways Businesses Benefit From Multifunction Printers

Have you noticed how modern tech devices seem to do it all? Just take a look at your smartphone. It’s simultaneously a camera, a GPS device, an internet browser, and a calculator all in one.  This trend of bundling functionality has found its way into the print industry, where multifunction printers are now a popular […]

24 June 2020

Items to Consider When Budgeting For Office Equipment

Every office needs the right tools and office supplies to operate efficiently. However, high-quality office equipment doesn’t come cheap. If you don’t adhere to a savvy office equipment budget, you can easily overextend yourself financially. Thus, it’s crucial to establish a clear budget ahead of time.  In this article, you’ll learn which appliances you need […]

23 June 2020

Ways Your Business Can Strengthen WFH Security

Not all aspects of a business can transfer neatly to a home office. One crucial element that often slips through the cracks is data security. Should you or any of your employees work part-time at home, you need to invest in work-from-home (WFH) security.   This article will teach you everything you need to know about […]

22 June 2020

2020 Print Trends to Consider

As time goes on, technology seems to advance at an increasing rate. The technology of the print industry is no exception. Even as many organizations attempt to go paperless, print media, print marketing, and physical documents are still a prominent feature of the modern workplace. Digital media hasn’t yet eliminated the need for the printed […]

17 June 2020

Advantages of Production Color Printers

Colorful documents and vibrant marketing materials can take your business to the next level. But is your office printer up for the challenge? In the past, most businesses got by with basic black ink printers. However, color printers are now the preferred option for many companies. Fortunately, affordable color printing technology is more accessible than […]

16 June 2020

5 Reasons It’s Time to Upgrade Your Printing Technology

A business is only as effective as its equipment. If your office is filled with outdated machines, you may not even realize how much it’s slowing you down. While it’s tempting to put off replacing your machinery as long as possible, this reluctance comes at a cost. You simply can’t settle for substandard equipment if […]

15 June 2020

Saving Money on Print Production

Overtime, print production can end up being a major cost for any business. From ink and paper refills to the costs of running your machine, companies that fulfill a large number of printing jobs can wrack up expenses if they aren’t careful.  That is why it is crucial that every company monitor their printing processes […]

06 May 2020

Tips on Cleaning Your Xerox Production Printers

Xerox commercial production printers are powerful machines capable of fulfilling an array of commercial printing jobs. However, these machines must be cared for to ensure that they continue operating at the highest possible level.  One of the most important parts of caring for a Xerox production printer is proper cleaning techniques.  While the cleaning process […]

06 May 2020

Automating Workflows: The Versant 180

As time goes on, the world demands more from businesses. This is especially true in the print production industry, where consumers continue to expect faster turnarounds and higher-quality results. In order to compete, you must optimize your printing business for speed, efficiency, and productivity.  How can you do this? The best way is to invest […]

04 May 2020

Small Business Printing Solutions

To run a productive small business, you need the right tools. One of the most important pieces of office equipment? The printer. Depending on its speed and quality, it will either support your business productivity or hold it back. So how do you know which printer is right for your small business? Your goal should […]

03 May 2020

Grow Your Printing Business: Refurbished Xerox Printers

What is the most important part of a printing business? The printer, of course. Your choice of printer determines how much time is spent fixing paper jams, print malfunctions, and poor image quality. It can make or break your print business’ productivity. If you settle for a substandard printer, your business won’t reach its full […]

02 May 2020

how to use carbonless paper

How to Use Carbonless Paper For Laser Printers?

If you haven’t heard of carbonless paper, it’s an ideal tool for creating professional multipart forms. Since its introduction in 1953, it’s been enhancing the way businesses produce copies of important business documents. It also improves record-keeping, whether you run a doctor’s office, educational institution, parcel delivery company, etc.  The benefits of carbonless copy paper […]

27 April 2020

What Is Carbonless Paper Printing?

Record-keeping is an integral part of running a business. There are many occasions where you need to duplicate an original document, either for your own records or for those of your customers.  Fortunately, carbonless paper makes this process easy and efficient. So, what is carbonless paper printing and how does it work? Let’s take a […]

26 April 2020

What Are The Best Laser Printers?

Laser printers are an invaluable asset to any business. However, not all laser printers are made the same. Different models vary in their output capabilities, color options, printing speed, and overall cost to own. If you’re in the market for a new or refurbished printer, you need to do your research. That’s why we’ve compiled […]

24 April 2020

What is the Function of a Print Server?

For high-volume, professional printing, businesses will often require print servers to assist in the management of tasks across a network of PCs and remote printers. Read on to learn more about what a print server is, how to use it, and why it might be right for your business’s printing needs. What is a Printer […]

09 March 2020

Cut-sheet vs. Continuous Feed Roll Fed Printers

When printing for professional applications, it is important to choose the appropriate printer and paper feeding method that suits your most common print jobs. What is Cut-sheet vs. Continuous Feed Paper? To clarify what is a continuous feed printer, you must first learn what the difference is between the types of paper used in cut-sheet […]

02 March 2020

Can Color Laser Printers Print Photos

Color laser printers have been widely accepted as the best option for color printing needs. But are color laser printers good for high-quality photos? Considering that office or personal color laser printers cost significantly more than office or desktop inkjet printers, this is a question many consumers may be asking along with how color laser […]

07 January 2020

A Guide to Which Cutsheet Laser Print Technology is Best

Some large print shops are switching from production color laser printing to production color inkjet printing. This is due to the increased print speed, and volume capacity offered by the inkjet technology.   Cost Comparison Production Inkjet Color printers have experienced an enormous surge in popularity. However, production inkjet printers tend to be twice as expensive […]

06 January 2020

How Do Color Laser Printers Work?

Color Laser Printers To most people, printers are mysterious machines. We’ve been using them for years, yet we haven’t the faintest idea how they do what they do… print.  And, now that inkjet printers share the market with laser printers, many consumers are wondering “how do color laser printers work?” If you have started your […]

05 January 2020

Xerox Color c60/70 Brochure: Everything You Need to Know

The Xerox Color c60/c70 is an industry-grade, quality-driven and extremely versatile printer that now offers 4 more colors: metallic gold & silver, white and clear. This is the new Vivid Color Kit optional accessory.  This particular CMYK Plus solution was developed specifically for the Xerox® Color C60/C70 Printer. Regarding C60/70 already installed, Bianco Digitale Software […]

04 January 2020

What’s the Best Toner for the Xerox Color c60/c70?

The Xerox Color c60/c70 printer is one of the best light production color printers that money can buy, so it’s tremendously important to care for the machine properly and prevent contamination. Whether you purchased it new or as one of the available used or refurbished printers for sale,  the best ways to care for a […]

03 January 2020

Refurbished or New: Xerox Versant 180 Printer Price

Whether you work in a company with an in house Repro Center  or a professional printshop, you have probably come across a Xerox production printer during your professional career.  One of the best available production color models within Xerox’ current product offering is the Versant 180.  The printer combines incredible print quality and performance with […]

02 January 2020

A Guide to Picking a Printer

How does one navigate the quagmire that is the printer market today? Consider there are at least 10 major printer manufacturers and each produces at least 50-100 different models of printers. That means there are at least 500 to 1000 models to choose from! What are the key factors to consider in picking a printer? […]

18 November 2019

how to use carbonless paper

Printer Types Comparison Cheat Sheet

Most of us have experienced some sort of printer failure. A paper jam, blotched ink, loose nozzle, complete failure, an unresponsive toner cartridge—whatever it is, it’s likely you’ve seen the “Red X” of doom indicating that something is just not working right. In which case, if you’re in the process of buying a printer, you […]

18 November 2019

Things to Consider When Buying a Printer

You’ve found yourself in need of a printer. Considering the various types of printers, you start to research. You take a gander at the new or used printers for sale  and at once you find that you’re overwhelmed. Being that the printer market is filled with jargon, competition, and loads of information, it can be […]

18 November 2019

Xerox Versant 180 vs. Versant 3100

X-Digital Introduces the XEROX Versant Family of Production Color Presses X-Digital is introducing the XEROX Versant models 180 and 3100. These two models have different benefits and features. The only way to find out which model is best for your shop or business is to evaluate the unique characteristics to both and see what model […]

22 October 2019

A Comparison of New vs. Refurbished Printers

Are you in the market for a new printer? Learn all you need to know about new vs. refurbished printers so you can find the right machine for your needs.  With the surge of electronic communication and cloud file sharing, one of the core appliances to any business or home office is commonly overshadowed—the printer. […]

09 October 2019

X-Digital rebuilds for local Xerox dealers

X-Digital has rebuilt machines for local Xerox Agents and Dealers.

21 March 2015

X-Digital has aligned themselves with local Xerox agents to provide more competitive maintenance pricing.

X-Digital had aligned itself with a local Xerox Agent to better service their customers and provide more competitive maintenance pricing. We were successful in September of 2013 in working hand in hand with a Xerox Agent to supply 3 of Xerox latest products which we refurbished to Xerox’s expectations so they could go right under […]

07 September 2013

X-Digital has sold and installed machines in Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Middle East and India.

X-Digital sold a couple of Xerox 5000’s to a customer in Africa who wanted to maintain the equipment himself as he had no other resources available to him. So in early 2013 we had him come over to our facility here in Southern California and over the next 2 weeks we rebuilt a 5000 for […]

20 July 2013

X-Digital just installed our first iGen4. We believe it is the first third-party installation of this printer in the United States.

X-Digital in early 2013 purchased, refurbished, and installed a Xerox IGEN 4 Laser Printer that had been written off by the manufacturer as it had been involved in some water damage and the machine was declared condemned and could not be used anymore. We took that as a challenge and by using entire sub-systems and […]

22 February 2013

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