Leasing Program

When you lease Xerox copiers and printers for over 30 years, you can expect to get great copier leasing deals with X-Digital. X-Digital has the experience to walk you through the leasing process and the in’s and outs of copier leases. Located in San Diego, CA, we offer the best leasing services you can find online with immediate delivery across Southern California. We also provide flexible leasing options to all types of businesses throughout United States. X-Digital offers in house leasing programs. These copier leasing programs are tailored to fit your companies needs. We offer $1.00 buyout leases where after your lease is up, you pay $1.00 and you own the machine. These leases are available for 3-5 year terms. If you need creative financing we can structure a shorter term lease, where you put down around 40-70% of the total amount owed and we finance the remaining balance over 3-12 months.

Contact us today to find out what leasing terms work best for your company on our refurbished Xerox equipment.

Buy or Sell Us Your Xerox Parts & Equipment

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Contact the Xerox machine experts at X-Digital for any questions about our refurbishing process, to request further information, or if you have a Xerox machine to sell. If you have already done (or are currently doing) business with us, tell us about your experience and let us know how we’re doing!



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We have 30 years specializing in refurbishing and selling the full line of Xerox equipment.  Having previously rebuilt machines for Xerox on the west coast a few years back, we learned the right way to properly refurbish these machines.

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