A Guide to Xerox Default Admin Passwords

A Guide to Xerox Default Admin Passwords

Xerox production printers like the Xerox D110 are powerful machines. Whether you opt for a new or refurbished Xerox D110, to maximize the benefit you get out of yours, you’ll need to understand how to configure and manage the system. One important aspect of this is accessing and utilizing the administrative control functions on the system. 

Finding Documentation

Before you log in to your new Xerox production printer, be sure to take a moment and download the system administration guide. If it came with your system, be sure to consult it before making any changes or installing any printer supplies, such as a Xerox D110 drum cartridge replacement.

Here’s how to find the guide for your Xerox system, as well as other support resources:

  1. Navigate to Xerox Support.
  2. Enter your device model number. We’re going to use the Xerox D110 as our baseline example throughout this article, so we’re going to enter “D110” as the search string.
  3. Select the “Documentation” result for your model. Our result looks like this:
  4. From the product’s documentation page, use the following filter criteria: Category – User Documentation, Language – Choose Your Preferred Language, Tag – System Administration Guides.
  5. From the results select the guide appropriate for your specific model.  

What are the Default Passwords?

If you’re just looking for the Xerox d110 default password and admin login, here you go:

Default User ID: admin

Default Password: 1111

While these login credentials should get you going, Xerox guidance suggests that the default password for the Xerox D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer family may also be the serial number for your specific device. This only affects certain models and software revisions. If you find that “1111” doesn’t work, try your device serial number. If you continue to have problems accessing Administrator Mode, contact Xerox Support or your technical support resource if you have a maintenance contract. 

Accessing the Administrator Mode

Here’s how to access Administrator Mode and begin to customize your Xerox machine:

  1. Press Log In/Out on the control panel. When prompted, enter admin in the ID field and 1111 in the password field, then press Enter.
  2. Tap the Machine Status icon, then select the Tools tab.
  3. From the Tools tab, you’ll see subcategories for different types of administrative tools. The D110 breaks these into the following categories: System Settings, Setup, Accounting, Authentication / Security Settings.

Here are a few of the things you can do with Administrative Access to the system:

  • Customize the UI and what appears on specific screens.
  • Configure the system’s network settings.
  • Configure energy profiles and turn on power-saving modes.
  • Configure Copy / Print / Scan / Email / Job Flow settings.
  • Create, view, and modify user accounts.
  • Access and configure accounting settings.
  • Configure authentication settings.
  • Allow the system to automatically overwrite the hard disk.
  • Configure how you store files.

Changing Your Default Admin Password

Now that you’re logged into the system for the first time using the Xerox default admin password, a best practice from a security perspective is to change it. Given the power that administrative access gives a user over your entire print system, it is imperative that you use strong security features to minimize possible intrusion. This starts with changing your admin user ID and password from the defaults.

Here’s how:

  1. Select Log In/Out.
  2. Use the default username and password to log in.
  3. Navigate to Tools by selecting Machine Status > Tools.
  4. Choose Authentication/Security Settings, then select System Administrator Settings.
  5. Choose the System Administrator’s Login ID, then select On.
  6. Choose the Keyboard option and type in a new system administrator’s ID. Re-enter the new login ID and select “Save”.
  7. Choose the System Administrator’s Passcode option, then enter a new passcode. Passcodes can be between 4-12 numeric digits. No passcode is also an option, though this is not recommended for security reasons. To move forward with no administrative account passcode, leave the field blank and select “Save”.
  8. Retype your chosen administrator password to confirm, then select “Save”. Exit the system back to the Tools tab and logout. 

Now that you’ve changed the Xerox Default password and ID, be sure to save your new administrative login credentials in a secure location.

Closing Thoughts

Understanding how to access your Xerox production machine’s Administrator Mode is the first step towards customizing your installation. Xerox offers granular control over a variety of features that will allow you to maximize the benefit you get from your system. Before you begin making changes, it’s wise to have your system’s administration guide handy.

If you run into any problems during the configuration process or would like assistance with configuration settings to get the most out of your Xerox device, reach out to our team at X-Digital. We have decades of experience providing technical assistance to businesses in the Southern California region, so we’re well equipped to help you get your system up and running.

At X-Digital we also offer a range of new and refurbished Xerox systems, as well as a full suite of services for Xerox systems, including maintenance and repairs. No matter what your Xerox needs are, our team at X-Digital has got you covered! To learn more, contact us today.


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