Everything You Need to Know About the Xerox D110

Everything You Need to Know About the Xerox D110

First introduced on the market in 2012, the Xerox D110 was marketed as the one-stop solution for demanding monochrome print environments. Since that time, the Xerox D110 has proven to be a dependable, high-output black-and-white print solution. 

With an established presence on the market, the Xerox D110 has excellent support, widely available parts, and great refurbished options. Together, these features make the Xerox D110 one of the most cost-effective and powerful monochrome print solutions available.

Benefits of the D110

The core value proposition of the Xerox d110 copier printer is simple:

  • Deliver faster print times.
  • Reduce the cost of those prints.
  • Add integrated functionality that meets the needs of a wide range of business applications.

The Xerox D110 comes in two configurations, a standalone printer and a copier/printer. Additionally, the D110 is part of a series of production print solutions that range from the D95 to the D136. 

The Xerox D110 provides the following benefits to businesses that adopt the platform:

  • Blistering fast print speeds that meet the needs of demanding printing environments, such as pay-for-print. Print speeds range from 110 PPM for 8.5 x 11” (A4) to 34 PPM for 12” x 18”(SRA3). 
  • 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolutions produce crystal clear monochrome prints.
  • A monthly recommended volume between 70,000 and 700,000 pages, with a duty cycle up to 2,000,000 pages.
  • 200 ipm duplex scanning on the Copier / Printer configuration.
  • An easy-to-use touchscreen interface that allows staff to quickly configure and generate new jobs.
  • A standard 250 sheet document feeder that ensures high throughput jobs won’t get bogged down, with an optional High Capacity Feeder that allows businesses to achieve even higher levels of productivity. 
  • A range of advanced finishing capabilities that allow you to tailor the platform to their needs.

Who Can Benefit From the D110?

One of the best features of the Xerox D110 is its flexibility. With an array of optional finishing options available, the Xerox D110 can be configured to meet the needs of almost any printing intensive environment. 

From its inception, the Xerox D series platform was designed to be adaptable for a variety of printing needs. That allows the D110 to excel in many environments including:

  • Demanding pay-for-print environments.
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices with high-production printing needs.

The availability of great refurbished Xerox D110 options on the market makes the Xerox d110 an excellent option for businesses looking to drive new growth without intensive equipment investment.

How to Use the D110

Using the D110 is simple, especially for those businesses that already have experience using the Xerox FreeFlow Print Server or other Xerox integrated copy/print servers.

To use the D110, you’ll need to follow three straightforward steps:

  • Set up the paper for your job.
  • Set up the job parameters or select an existing job or workflow.
  • Finish and print the job.

To prepare, you’ll want to load the paper you are going to use. The D110 in the standard configuration comes with 4 trays, allowing you to create great custom production prints right out of the box. Tray 5 is the bypass tray, which you can use to load nonstandard paper, which doesn’t work from trays 1-4. You’ll also want to be sure you have enough toner in your device and aren’t in need of a Xerox D110 drum cartridge replacement

Once the paper is loaded, it’s time to configure the job. The D110 comes with either a Xerox FreeFlow Print Server or Xerox integrated copy/print server depending on the model. In either of these systems, assembling a new workflow is straightforward. To build a new workflow in the FreeFlow system, you will:

  • Launch the Workflow Builder on the user interface.
  • Select New from the toolbar and choose a name for your new workflow.
  • Drag and drop workflow processes into the correct sequence, then configure individual process settings if necessary.
  • Save and enable the workflow.

Once a workflow has been configured, selecting the job and starting the print is seamless and intuitive. With a first-copy-out time of 3.5 seconds or less, the Xerox D110’s print speed is ready to push your productivity to the next level.

Closing Thoughts

The Xerox D110 production printer is flexible enough to meet the needs of everything from office, school, and hospitals to demanding pay-for-print environments. The Xerox D110 is a powerful monochrome printing solution capable of achieving 110 ppm output, accepting a wide range of print media, and with the ability to integrate with a number of finishing options.

Getting started with the Xerox D110 is simple, particularly for those who already have familiarity with the Xerox integrated or FreeFlow print servers. The intuitive user interface makes job configuration a breeze, and once a job has been configured, going from receiving an order to generating prints only takes seconds. But if you run into any issues, such as finding your Xerox D110 default password, consulting the system administration guide can help. 

The Xerox D110 remains an affordable, scalable monochrome printing solution that is sure to meet your needs. If you’re thinking about upgrading your production print solution, consider a refurbished Xerox D110. To learn more about our refurbishment process or the Xerox D110 platform, contact our team at X-Digital today. 


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