Xerox Versant 3100 vs 4100 Product Comparison

Xerox Versant 3100 vs 4100 Product Comparison

The Xerox Versant 3100 has been a workhorse production digital press ideal for medium to heavy printing needs since its introduction in 2016. With a full suite of automation tools and finishing options, the robust capabilities of the Versant 3100 can be used to drive growth and expand the print services your business can offer.

With the recent release of the Xerox Versant 4100 in November 2020, Xerox has made the best digital press for heavier stocks even better. The Versant 4100 offers some important changes over the 3100 model, including the ability to work with heavier media as well as enhanced quality control automation features, while still carrying over many of the features and capabilities that have made the Versant 3100 such a great option. 

Versant 3100 Features

It’s worthwhile to start with a close look at the features of the Versant 3100 since many of the capabilities of this system were carried over into the Versant 4100. Additionally, given the fact that the xerox versant 3100 has been on the market for a few years, there are some great refurbished options available that can allow businesses of all sizes to cost-effectively expand the services they offer.

Here are the core capabilities of the Versant 3100 digital production press:

  • Average monthly print volume up to 250,000 pages. Monthly duty cycle of 1.2 million pages.
  • Media weights up to 350 gsm. Media types include coated, uncoated, banner, polyester and synthetic, textured, colored, envelopes, mixed-stock and custom media.
  • 2400 x 2400 dpi VCSEL ROS scanning, 1200 x 1200 x 10 RIP rendering.
  • Finishing options include: sort and collate, Z-fold, tri-fold, half-fold, square fold, tabloid Z-fold, face trim, two-sided trim, hole punch, basic punch, booklet.
  • Printing speeds up to 100 ppm (50 – 300 gsm media).

In addition to these core capabilities, the Versant 3100 has a number of automation features that streamline production and reduce the need for user-input or intervention into the printing process. Taken together, these tools result in more consistent, high-quality prints that take less time to set up. Robust finishing options and fast speeds make this machine great for quick turnarounds. 

Since many of these enhancements are shared on the Versant 4100 platform, it’s worth taking a moment to understand what they are:

  • Full-Width Array (FWA) – The FWA is a series of sensors that sits across the entire print path. These sensors are used to provide dynamic, automated color and image quality control. The FWA automates front-to-back registration and provides dynamic optimization of toner coverage on both smooth and textured stocks, resulting in more consistent toner coverage across the page.
  • Production Accurate Registration (PAR) – Provides automated front-to-back registration for consistent, superior registration.
  • Bias Charge Rolls – Offers automatic cleaning for better press productivity.
  • Closed-Loop Process Controls – These automation enhancements make adjustments to your prints in real-time, without operator intervention, to ensure consistent print quality across media types.
  • Smart Decurler – The smart decurler takes into account factors such as humidity, paper, and coverage to ensure all of your sheets are as flat as possible.
  • EA Low-Melt Dry Ink toner – Offers consistent, small particles for better image clarity and precision.

Versant 4100 Enhancements

As you can probably tell, the Versant 3100 and 4100 share many features, including a full suite of workflow automation technologies that enhance productivity. The Versant 4100 builds on the capabilities of the previous generation by offering additional automation tools and the ability to print on heavier media, making it best suited for the highest production demands. 

Let’s take a look at these enhancements in greater detail:

  • Support for Media Weight up to 400 gsm – The Versant 4100 features the ability to print on a variety of media types up to 400 gsm weight. Print speeds on heavier media have also improved over the previous generation. For stock weights up to 300 gsm, the Versant 4100 can achieve 100 ppm printing speeds. For stock weights from 301 – 400 gsm, the 4100 prints at 80 ppm.
  • Xerox® PredictPrint Media Management Software – In an effort to minimize operator intervention into the printing process, Xerox has augmented the Versant 4100 with the PredictPrint Media Management tool. PredictPrint is powered by artificial intelligence and crowd-sourced data and is used to provide dynamic optimization for different media types. Using PredictPrint is incredibly simple. Before printing, you’ll scan the barcode for the media you wish to use. PredictPrint will automate image alignment, registration, color calibration, and other features to produce perfect prints the first time. 

Closing Thoughts

With any Xerox machine, you can expect industry-best print quality, color consistency, and overall image quality from your copier and printer. Both the Xerox Versant 3100 and 4100 digital production presses contain an array of features and capabilities that make them great for demanding printing environments. The Versant 4100 features additional automation, in the form of Xerox® PredictPrint Media Management Software, which allows operators to quickly and easily swap to new media without the need to input granular configuration settings manually. Combined with the Versant 4100’s ability to print on heavier media, up to 400 gsm, these features take the already great Versant 3100 to the next level. If neither the 4100 nor 3100 seem right for your business’s needs, consider the Versant 180 or 280 for lower-duty applications.

Aren’t sure which Versant model is right for you? Let our experts at X-Digital help! We can break down the differences between these systems, and help you find the right system for your needs. Contact us to learn more today!


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