So you just bought a Xerox machine, congrats! But who will service it when something goes wrong?

When you buy a refurbished Xerox machine, service is an important factor. Anyone can sell you a used machine, but will they stand behind their machines and lend a helping hand when proper service is needed? Or coordinate a maintenance contract on your behalf? Probably not.

At X-Digital, we understand the importance of maintenance. No matter what.

We offer services regardless of the circumstances. X-Digital offers a variety of maintenance options depending on your company’s service needs.

Unlike other companies, X-Digital guarantees that any Xerox production equipment you buy is 100% certified for a Xerox Full Service Maintenance Contract anywhere in the nation. We rebuild machines to satisfy the requirements of the Xerox service staff.

Short/Long Term Rentals

X-Digital offers flexible short and long term rentals of Xerox office copiers and Xerox production equipment in southern California, including San Diego, Irvine, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties.

Buy or Sell Xerox Printing Equipment

Every month we buy hundreds of Xerox copiers and production machines from across the USA, including both high and low-meter copiers. If you’re looking to sell one or more used Xerox copiers, contact us today for a free quote.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Printing costs are an essential fee that accrue quickly and are often swept under the rug. Most businesses don’t keep a close eye on how these costs are adding up and in turn wind up increasing their overhead and hurting their bottom line. This is where Managed Print Services can come into play and improve your operational efficiencies and boost productivity.


Maintenance should be the #1 factor when buying a used/refurbished Xerox machine. Please see the maintenance options below and let us know which one works best for you. We can coordinate a Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreement on your behalf, refer you to a alternative maintenance company, or train you on how to self service your own machine.


X-Digital Corporation Export Division is ready and able to prepare your refurbished Xerox Production machine for copier export worldwide.

Technical Support

Combined, our engineers have 180 years of experience in maintaining Xerox equipment. We repair, service and maintain the full line of Xerox equipment to ensure your equipment is running in top shape.

Leasing Program

When you lease Xerox copiers and printers for over 30 years, you can expect to get great copier leasing deals with X-Digital. X-Digital has the experience to walk you through the leasing process and the in’s and outs of copier leases.

Contact the Xerox machine experts at X-Digital for any questions about our refurbishing process, to request further information, or if you have a Xerox machine to sell. If you have already done (or are currently doing) business with us, tell us about your experience and let us know how we’re doing!



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We have 30 years specializing in refurbishing and selling the full line of Xerox equipment.  Having previously rebuilt machines for Xerox on the west coast a few years back, we learned the right way to properly refurbish these machines.

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