10 Ways Businesses Benefit From Multifunction Printers

10 Ways Businesses Benefit From Multifunction Printers

Have you noticed how modern tech devices seem to do it all? Just take a look at your smartphone. It’s simultaneously a camera, a GPS device, an internet browser, and a calculator all in one. 

This trend of bundling functionality has found its way into the print industry, where multifunction printers are now a popular option for businesses of all kinds.  

So what is a multifunction printer and why is it so advantageous for businesses? Keep reading to find out why you should upgrade your office printer.

What is a MFP Printer? 

Also known as a multifunction peripheral printer, an MFP printer is a multifunction device that provides the following functionality:

  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Copying
  • Faxing

What Are the Benefits of Using MFPs?

While MFPs boast many benefits, here is a list of the top 10 to be aware of as a business owner: 


#1 They Enhance Convenience

One reason that smartphones have become so popular is that they offer an unprecedented level of convenience. No longer do you need to lug around an iPod, a camera, a calculator, and a laptop everywhere you go. Your smartphone is all you need.  

In the same manner, multifunction printers enhance convenience in the workplace. They do so by consolidating functionality into one machine so there is no need for a separate scanner,  and copier to get great print quality. . 

Multifunction printers also grant you access to features you may not have invested in otherwise. For instance, if you don’t fax very often, you probably wouldn’t purchase a separate fax machine. An individual fax machine wouldn’t be worth the investment. However, with an MFP, you get this added functionality of fax capability without the hefty price tag. 

# 2 They Free Up Office Space

Commercial rent isn’t cheap. If you have limited square footage, the last thing you need is a fleet of bulky machines crowding up your precious office space. 

Multifunction printers save space by consolidating the number of machines you have in the office. Furthermore, most MFPs have gotten smaller and lighter in recent years. Thus, if you want to free up office space without sacrificing functionality, a multifunction printer is the ideal choice. 

#3 They Lower Your Electricity Expenditures

By using a single machine for your scanning, copying, faxing, and printing needs, you’ll save big on your electricity bill. How so?

MFPs save energy by:

  • Using a single power cord 
  • Reducing the number of machines you have to power
  • Featuring a built-in sleep mode to mitigate energy waste

By cutting back on your power usage, you’ll save money and encourage an eco-friendly office.

#4 They Lower Office Expenses 

By using less space and electricity, you can already see how multifunction printers can decrease your overall business costs. And the cost savings don’t end there.

Purchasing individual scanners, fax machines, and printers separately is an expensive endeavor. By bundling these machines into one, you’ll end up saving a ton of money. Not only will the upfront costs be lower, but the maintenance expenses will be as well. Speaking of maintenance…

# 5 They Require Less Maintenance

It’s much easier to keep a single machine running smoothly than several. If you encounter any performance issues, your dedicated maintenance provider can focus all their time on your single machine that can handle all your printing needs rather than all of that old office equipment.

Not to mention, the following tasks take much less time when you only have one multifunction device to worry about:

  • Installing updates
  • Re-ordering ink, toner, and paper
  • Assessing your printer network security
  • Scheduling routine maintenance checks

#6 They Have Fast Printing Speeds

Multifunction printers are high-performance machines. They are known for their fast print speed. Even if you have a large volume print job, they can handle the challenge efficiently with great print quality and paper capacity.. 

In turn, MFPs enhance your office’s printing speed, overall productivity and oftentimes help prompt confidential printing .

#7 They Offer Flexible Wireless Connectivity

Multifunction printers come equipped with wireless connectivity. This allows you to print from any device that connects to the internet, including: 

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

When you’re no longer tethered to a cord, you can print from anywhere in the office, using whichever device is most convenient to you at the time. 

#8 They Improve Document Management

Print environments can quickly get disorganized, especially if you’re using several machines at once. A multifunction printer mitigates this problem. 

By using one machine, you’ll have an easier time staying organized. Documents won’t get lost or misplaced as often. In turn, your document management will be a breeze. 

#9 They’re Easy to Set Up

Due to the simplicity of a multifunction printer, they’re easy to set up. With their WiFi connectivity, you won’t need to deal with a mess of confusing cords. You simply need to place your printer close to your WiFi router and plug it in. 

#10 They’re Easy to Use

Lastly, multifunction printers are built to be user-friendly. They present a minimal learning curve to employees due to their intuitive interfaces. 

Furthermore, learning how to operate one machine takes a lot less time than learning how to operate multiple. In turn, MFPs reduce technical troubleshooting confusion amongst your employees.

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