Advantages of Digital Enhancements in Print Technology

Advantages of Digital Enhancements in Print Technology

Digital enhancements are an excellent way for print providers to expand and strengthen the suite of print services they offer customers. Demand for unique, eye-catching marketing has continued to expand over recent years as businesses compete to stand out. Digital enhancements play a key role in this by enabling companies to create unique printed materials that more effectively communicate their brand identity. This technology has even expanded into digital print for packaging, allowing companies to bring digital enhancements into all aspects of the customer experience. 

While the enhancement of print materials is nothing new, the continued innovation and  integration of digital enhancements and embellishments into digital presses, such as the exemplary Xerox iGen 5, now allows printers to produce enhanced media more cost-effectively and efficiently than ever before. Combined with automation and an array of finishing options, producing stunning marketing materials that will keep your customers coming back is now more accessible than ever for print providers of all sizes.

What are Digital Enhancements?

Digital enhancements are enhanced printing options or print embellishments done on a digital printing device.

Examples of printing enhancements include:

  • Specialty colors and inks
  • Embossing
  • Foiling
  • Textures
  • Coatings
  • Extended-gamut colors

Digital printing enhancements enable print providers to push their products beyond the traditional CMYK color model to produce printed material with an unparalleled color spectrum or add texture to marketing materials that leave a lasting impression on consumers. Increased digital capabilities have also paved the way for personalization printing to bring in a stronger consumer base for companies.

Key Advantages of Digital Enhancements

Here are a few of the top advantages that digital enhancements can offer print providers:

#1 Reduced Cost

Though print enhancements aren’t necessarily new, one of the key advantages of producing them on a digital press is that they are more affordable. Digital enhancements like the use of a specialty dry ink can often be completed at rated speeds in a single pass, reducing workflow congestion and increasing efficiency. Less toner is used thanks to improvements in toner technology, driving down costs even further. Integrated automation and in-line finishing options can further enhance your productivity while allowing you to take on shorter runs with less turn-around time.

#2 Produce Eye-Popping Prints

As a print provider, digital enhancements offer you the ability to produce finished prints with exceptional color clarity that goes beyond CMYK. With a range of colors, including metallics, fluorescents, whites, clear, and extended-gamut colors, digital enhancements give you the ability to produce customized prints that blow away your competition.

Combined with finishing options, digital enhancements enable you to produce unique and inspiring prints with ease. You’ll be able to layer colors and effects to create specialized prints that capture your client’s brand identity perfectly and help draw in consumers. Whether it’s for brochures, custom letters, catalogs or newsletters, digital enhancements will ensure each print comes out consistently spectacular. 

#3 Meet Consumer Demand

As a print provider, you need to continuously seek new and innovative ways to get ahead of your competition while meeting consumer demand for on-demand printing services that go beyond traditional colors, textures, and layouts. Modern marketing requires stunning color, exceptional visual clarity, and custom or personalized printing options. To meet this demand you must use the best tools available, such as digital enhancements for Xerox Digital Presses. 

Incorporating digital enhancements into your catalog of print services will allow you to produce the prints your customers need to stay competitive. Thanks to the advances that digital presses provide, you’ll be able to do so more efficiently and efficiently cost-effectively than ever before. 

#4 Move From Commodity to Value Printing

Commodity printing places an emphasis on price. Digital enhancements allow print providers to move away from commodity printing to producing high-quality prints that add value. This enables print providers to offer high-quality prints at premium prices, improving their profit margin, and increasing their profitability. With an array of digital enhancements and finishing options available, you can meet consumer demand for high-value prints that are unique and exceptional.

Closing Thoughts

As a print provider, you work closely with the brands that utilize your services. Digital enhancements provide you with an entirely new suite of tools you can offer your customers to help bring their prints to life. Digital enhancements allow you to range well beyond the traditional CMYK color model with metallics, extended-gamut colors, whites, clears, fluorescents, and more. Add textures to brochures, custom letters, and catalogs easily and cost-effectively.

Digital enhancements can allow you to offer on-demand printing services that go well beyond your competitors. At the same time, you’ll drive down costs. Digital enhancements can be applied in-line in a single pass, with greater accuracy and reliability, allowing you to improve your workflow and boost efficiency. 

If you’re ready to incorporate digital enhancements into your printing services, contact X-Digital today. We offer a full range of new and refurbished Xerox digital presses, and have the expertise to ensure that you can make the most of it. With over 30 years of experience providing Xerox service, technical support, and sales, our expert staff will be able to help you find the printing solution that is perfect for your needs. To learn more, please contact us today.


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