Grow Your Printing Business: Refurbished Xerox Printers

Grow Your Printing Business: Refurbished Xerox Printers

What is the most important part of a printing business? The printer, of course.

Your choice of printer determines how much time is spent fixing paper jams, print malfunctions, and poor image quality. It can make or break your print business’ productivity. If you settle for a substandard printer, your business won’t reach its full potential. 

If you’d like to grow your printing business, you need a printer that can handle fast turnarounds and high-capacity jobs. This will enable you to take on more work, ultimately increasing your revenue. However, to unlock this level of success, you need to choose your printer wisely. 

Within the digital printing world, Xerox is renowned for its quality and customer service. Keep reading to learn how a refurbished Xerox printer could accelerate your printing business’ growth. 

How to Grow Your Printing Business With a Xerox Printer

Think about how much you could accomplish if you eliminated:

  • Inconsistent print quality
  • Lagging print speeds
  • Confusing error codes

Instead of fussing with your printer (and getting a headache), you could just sit back, relax, and receive flawless prints with ease.

When you choose a Xerox printer, that vision becomes your new reality. You’ll be able to print beautiful marketing materials, professional business contracts, and everything in between. By choosing a refurbished Xerox printer, you’ll get all the benefits of advanced Xerox technology at an affordable price. 

The Benefits of a Xerox Printer 

When you invest in a Xerox printer, you gain access to these amazing features.

1. Excellent Image Quality 

Xerox machines are known for their outstanding image quality. From vibrant colors to fine text, these printers produce consistent, high-end results every time. 

This rings true no matter what type of stock you’re printing on. Xerox printers are compatible with a multitude of media types, from glossy paper to standard stock. This means you can complete projects that require specialized paper with confidence. 

You won’t be restricted on paper size either. Most Xerox printers work with a wide range of stock sizes.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Xerox printers are fast and efficient. They can handle the high-volume demands of a print shop or enterprise operation. You’ll be able to print at least 50 pages per minute or more without sacrificing image quality, allowing you to take on more work and make more money. 

Furthermore, Xerox amps up their printers’ efficiency by offering:

  • Fast warm-up times – Time is of the essence when you run a printing business. You want your printer to be available in a second’s notice so you can print last minute jobs on the fly. That’s why Xerox develops its printers to warm up quickly. 
  • Cloud connections – Instead of running to and from your computer every time you need to print, Xerox lets you print documents directly from the cloud. This convenience can save you a lot of time going back and forth in the office. 
  • Scan-to-edit documents – With optical character recognition, Xerox printers scan physical documents and transform them into readable digital files. You can then edit these files directly, meaning you’ll never have to waste time retyping a document again. 

With a Xerox printer, you’ll have everything you need to efficiently grow your business. 

3. Ease of Use

With so many awesome bells and whistles, you might assume Xerox printers come with a steep learning curve. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Xerox machines are incredibly easy to use, due to their:

  • Intuitive touch screen interfaces
  • Customizable workflow automation
  • Convenient application integrations

Furthermore, when you purchase a Xerox machine, you unlock access to fantastic customer service. X-Digital, a leading retailer of new and refurbished Xerox printers, will provide any assistance you need. 

Save Money With a Refurbished Xerox Printer

At this point, you may be wondering how much a Xerox printer costs. Fortunately, when you choose a refurbished Xerox printer, you can save money without sacrificing quality, functionality, or reliability.

What does refurbished mean? While refurbished items aren’t technically brand new, you’d never know it. They were once purchased and returned, but have since undergone extensive testing and cleaning, bringing them back to perfect, like-new condition.

No refurbished printer from X-Digital is sold unless it’s in pristine working order. By choosing a refurbished Xerox printer, you will:

  • Save money
  • Have your pick of old and new models
  • Receive a comprehensive, “No Questions Asked” warranty
  • Enjoy fantastic technical support from X-Digital 

Grow Your Printing Business Today

If a refurbished Xerox printer is right for your printing business, check out X-Digital’s selection today. You will find a wide range of new and refurbished options to choose from. The X-Digital team is happy to help as you compare options, seek further information, and finalize your decision. 

Once you’ve installed your Xerox printer, you’ll enjoy improved productivity, better quality prints, and business growth down the line. 



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