Refurbished or New: Xerox Versant 180 Printer Price

Refurbished or New: Xerox Versant 180 Printer Price

Whether you work in a company with an in house Repro Center  or a professional printshop, you have probably come across a Xerox production printer during your professional career.  One of the best available production color models within Xerox’ current product offering is the Versant 180

The printer combines incredible print quality and performance with high-tech automation and customizable features, all of which can reinvent how your business approaches printing. One decision you may want to consider is whether to procure new or refurbished. X-Digital sells both!

In that light, let’s take a closer look at this printer and some of the key dynamics to consider when purchasing a new or refurbished Xerox production printer.

Xerox Versant 180 Printer – Product Features

Like other high-powered Xerox printers, the Versant 180 retains several noteworthy features that can have a transformational effect on your business environment. 

  • Premium Printing, Scanning, and Copying abilities
  • 80 pages per minute printing speeds
  • 80,000 prints per month
  • 2,400 x 2,400 DPI
  • 1,200 x 1,200 x 10 RIP
  • 750,000-page duty cycle
  • Automated Color Management Software 
  • Enhanced Automation Features 
  • Option to purchase high capacity feeders to maximize your paper tray capacity
  • Ability to print a wide variety of media types
  • Reduced environmental footprint when compared to other high capacity printers

These premium features make the Versant 180 an incredibly valuable purchase for offices and printing houses, but can come at a substantial cost when buying new. The Xerox Versant 180 price hovers between $45,000 and $100,000 depending on which finishing and front-end options are selected.  

The main consideration when determining whether to purchase a printer like the Xerox Versant 180 new or refurbished is the tradeoff between value and price. XDigital can help you mitigate some of that tradeoff by supplying a certified pre-owned completely refurbished Versant 180 Saving your company close to 30% of the purchase price.

Refurbished Versant 180 Price vs Quality

When purchasing a refurbished Versant 180, there are several key dynamics to note. Obviously, price is the most important factor when deciding to buy a refurbished model, but there are also other key dimensions worth considering.

  • Not every refurbished printer is the same – The Versant 180 is a high capacity, powerful printer that is meant to satisfy your printing needs for years to come. In other words, these printers are built to last. X Digital ensures that all its refurbished models are up to the long term task.
  • They vary in price – Obviously, some refurbished Versant 180s have been subject to more wear and tear than others, and that will be reflected in the price. You may want to consider buying a refurbished printer that has a lower historical page count to ensure that it meets your business needs. X-Digital can provide you with the detailed information you need.
  • Used and Refurbished are not the same – A refurbished printer from a reputable third-party like X-Digital is not the same as buying a used printer from a broker or from a social media platform.. We conduct detailed testing and quality control checks of every refurbished Versant 180 to ensure you are getting a product that is in perfect working condition and will continue to function at the highest level. 
  • When it comes to refurbished, guarantees are crucial – A refurbished printer is only as good as the company you buy it from. Make sure that you know that Xerox has approved the seller as a verified third-party provider before purchase. You are already on the right track, as X-Digital exclusively partners with Xerox to provide refurbished models of the highest quality. 

While buying new is generally the safest route when purchasing any product, can get more bang for your buck when purchasing a refurbished printer. As companies look to minimize administrative costs, buying refurbished machinery could be a game changer.  

Versant 180 Product Considerations

Whether you decide to buy a new or refurbished Versant 180, it is essential that you care for the product (this type of hardware requires upkeep!). Some key considerations to increase the lifecycle of a Versant 180 include:

  • Regular maintenance – X Digital can answer all your questions about the Versant 180 maintenance requirements
  • Using the correct toner – we advise purchasing toner directly from Xerox
  • Reading the user guide – the life of the printer will increase if it is used properly
  • Updating your software – Xerox provides software updates regularly, so be sure to check for these on a regular basis

Of course, it is also important that your staff is aware of these dynamics, so be sure to train your employees on how to properly use your Versant 180. 

The X-Digital Refurbishing Process

We bring hand-picked used equipment with low meters into our warehouse and spend an 

extensive amount of time evaluating their condition. In order to deliver the quality that we promise to our clients, we take the machines down to the frame and clean or replace all assemblies or worn parts. Our Xerox experts refurbish machines, getting each one  into perfect working order. They are “certified pre-owned” and are good as new for a fraction of the price.

Our company is approved by the Xerox Service Program and our quality of work is upheld by their standards and has stood the test of time – 30 years. Each refurbishing process includes delivery, installation, and a certification of Xerox service. If you have any further questions about our refurbishing process, want more information, or have a machine you would like to sell, contact us!

Made a Decision?

If you are ready to purchase a Versant 180 today, contact us at X Digital! We are here to answer all of your questions about this incredible product and can give you tailored advice on whether a new or refurbished model is right for your specific business needs. 


Contact the Xerox machine experts at X-Digital for any questions about our refurbishing process, to request further information, or if you have a Xerox machine to sell. If you have already done (or are currently doing) business with us, tell us about your experience and let us know how we’re doing!



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