Should You Buy Refurbished Copiers or Printers?

Should You Buy Refurbished Copiers or Printers?

If you’re a business that is looking to keep operating costs down, one way to do so without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, or quality is to invest in a refurbished printers or copiers machine

Like-new equipment has some distinct advantages over new equipment, including cost-effectiveness and access to a wider range of models, while still retaining technical support and warranty services. If you’re in the market for a new print or copy solution, going with refurbished equipment can give you more bang for your buck, while still providing you with the security of new equipment. 

Let’s find out why that’s the case and how you can take advantage of it with a refurbished Xerox print solution from X-Digital.

What is Refurbished Equipment?

Refurbished equipment is simply equipment that has been used by one party, then returned to like-new condition by the vendor after proper copy or printer maintenance has been completed. In the case of Xerox equipment, that refurbishment process must be done by an authorized third-party like X-Digital who adheres to Xerox’s strict refurbishment requirements.

The goal with refurbishment is to return a piece of equipment to a condition that is as close to new as possible.

How is Equipment Refurbished?

The refurbishment process varies depending on the type of equipment you are looking at, what industry you are in, and the particular vendor or brand’s own guidelines. 

In the case of Xerox printing equipment, the refurbishment and repair process is designed by Xerox and involves a comprehensive 9-step process before returning to your office. This process includes a complete teardown and rebuilding of the print system. During the teardown, all parts are inspected for damage and replaced, including harnesses, drive belts, filters, and electrical connectors. The chassis is pressure cleaned and all surfaces are repainted. The entire fuser assembly, developer housings, and paper handling transports are rebuilt during the teardown process as well. All these steps together make it as if you are receiving a brand new copier or printer!

The Xerox refurbishment process doesn’t end with a complete teardown and rebuild. Once that’s been completed, a stress-test must be passed by the system to ensure that it can perform as well as a new system. Xerox requires that any refurbished machine is equipped with the latest release software and completes a minimum of 10,000 prints with no faults or jams.

Why Choose Refurbished Equipment?

You might be wondering why your company would choose refurbished copiers or printers over a new model. Here’s why refurbished equipment can be a great deal:


  • Cost Savings – The primary reason businesses choose refurbished equipment is because of the cost savings associated with it. Buying refurbished Xerox print equipment can save businesses up to 70% compared to buying new. That’s a huge incentive to purchase like-new equipment, which can be made even stronger with the great warranty and maintenance services that come with Xerox refurbished equipment.
  • More Models – If you want to purchase new equipment you’re confined to the current production models. That can be great if you find the solution you’re looking for, but what if you need to replace an older model? The answer is a refurbished Xerox print system. Buying refurbished gives you access to a wide range of models, along with a huge array of parts and service. The best part is that you’ll get access to those models at a deep discount over new production systems.
  • Same Great Quality – Whether you’re a production printer looking to expand your print solutions with a refurbished Xerox Digital Press, or you’re a medium-sized business investing in a multifunction printer for an office environment, you need to know that the refurbished printer you buy can reliably produce great quality prints. With the Xerox 9-point refurbishment process you’ll be sure to get a printing system that produces prints with the same high-quality as a new system. Any parts replaced during the refurbishment process are OEM Xerox parts, and any maintenance done is by Xerox certified maintenance technicians. This ensures that your refurbished printing solution contains top-quality parts and has been rebuilt and maintained by the experts.
  • Access to Xerox Full-Service Maintenance – Maintenance of your refurbished Xerox printing solution is an important consideration. When you buy a refurbished Xerox machine you can initiate a Xerox Direct Full-Service Maintenance Agreement. This requires an inspection by Xerox to ensure the refurbishment meets Xerox’s exacting standards. Once the agreement has been approved you’ll be under the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee for your refurbished system. If you purchase a refurbished Xerox print solution from us at X-Digital, our costs include the fees Xerox charges for the inspection and initiation process, making it a seamless and stress-free process for you.


Closing Thoughts

Refurbished printing and copying solutions can be a great option for businesses looking to minimize capital costs associated with your printing or copying needs. This is also a great idea if your business needs to invest in large amounts of office equipment. Whether you’re a production printer looking to expand your services with a Xerox Digital Press, or simply a small business looking for an effective printing solution that fits your needs, a refurbished Xerox printer or copier will give you the same great quality, durability, and reliability that Xerox is known for at a fraction of a new system.

To learn more about a refurbished Xerox printer or copier, contact X-Digital today. Our team at X-Digital has decades of experience working with and on Xerox printing solutions. We’re an approved member of the Xerox Service Program and refurbish machines according to Xerox’s exacting standards. We’re also an Authorized Xerox Service Provider in the Southern California region, so we can offer a total print solution package that includes sales, installation, set-up, service and maintenance. 

To learn more, contact X-Digital today! 



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