Top Benefits of Digital Print For Packaging

Top Benefits of Digital Print For Packaging

Digital print is fundamentally changing the packaging space by offering brand owners the ability to quickly and easily produce exceptional color prints directly onto the substrate to produce powerful and engaging packaging. The top benefits of digital print for packaging include generating new avenues for increasing customer engagement, enhancing brand identity, and boosting efficiency while driving down costs. 

Shorter, More Efficient Runs

In the past, the use of digital print technology for packaging was used to produce prototypes awaiting final approval. Once a prototype had been approved, it went into the mass production portion of the supply chain, which ultimately resulted in a long process overall. Short runs for packaging were costly and unwieldy, ensuring that most brand owners stuck with static packaging designs over longer periods of time.

Digital printing gives brand owners greater flexibility to produce shorter runs without significantly driving up costs. Digital print for packaging using Xerox’s digital finishing options allow brand owners to create dynamic, engaging, and personalized short runs for their product packaging. This is where personalization printing has increased dramatically. With digital packaging, unique versioned packaging solutions are no longer inaccessible for smaller brands. Using Xerox print solutions, brands can focus their energy on producing eye-catching short runs that change when they need to.

Using digital printing technology, this drives down costs by quickly and reliably producing stellar packing featuring crisp colors and high-quality images. With digital printing, you’ll be able to drive down lead times for packaging, giving you the flexibility to produce last-minute short-runs with ease. Digital printing allows you to easily keep up with frequent product refreshes and develop a packaging solutions for new products. 

Better Customer Engagement

Embracing digital print technology for your product packaging is a great way to boost engagement with your customers. Digital printing allows you to achieve higher clarity images, crisper colors, and a more defined greyscale. Using digital print will enhance your packaging by allowing you to achieve eye-catching product messaging that resonates with your customers. An increase in digital enhancements has also been important in allowing businesses to engage with customers easier through digital printing. 

Your packaging needs to set you apart from the crowd, communicate your brand, and showcase your product. It isn’t always easy to find the right balance, but with digital print tools at your disposal, you can quickly and cost-effectively produce top-quality packaging solutions. From crisp images to vibrant colors, your packaging will look exactly how you want it and will allow you to stand out in the digital printing packaging market.

Enhance Your Brand Identity

How effectively does your current packaging communicate your brand identity? If it isn’t exactly what you want, digital printing can empower you to create packaging that enhances and strengthens your brand identity. By giving you the ability to print on a variety of substrates, achieve superior image quality, and personalize your packaging in ways that aren’t possible with other printing methods. 

The end result is packaging that lifts your brand rather than distracting from it. The best part is that with digital printing, you can quickly and easily update, change, or test new packaging options that better capture your brand. 

Greater Flexibility

With digital printing, you’ll be able to achieve high-quality prints on short runs, giving you the ability to cost-effectively test flexible packaging choices before widely deploying them. Curious about testing your brand in a new market? With easy digital printing, you can quickly develop and print short-run prototypes for test markets, without the heavy investment it would have taken years ago. 

With digital printing, you can make seasonal or last-minute promotions part of your packaging. Digital prints allow you to apply higher quality images to your packages at higher speeds, all with greater reliability. You’ll no longer have to suffer through long lead times and the prototyping process. Instead, you’ll be able to produce captivating packaging when you need it.

Closing Thoughts

If you haven’t begun utilizing digital print for packaging, there’s no better time than now. Digital print allows you to create packaging with crisp, clear colors, and benchmark image quality. Overcome the challenge of getting your products in the hands of your customers by creating short-run, packaging customizations that showcase your product and communicates your brand identity effectively.

With digital printing, it’s never been easier to produce eye-catching packaging material. With Xerox Digital Presses, it’s simple to try new packaging designs, produce test market prototypes, or adjust packaging for new promotions or seasons. Digital print for packaging allows smaller brands to create versioned and customized packaging quickly and cost-effectively. With smart features like automation and inline finishing options, Xerox Digital Presses deliver big efficiency gains for brands of all sizes.

Interested in finding out how digital printing can help your business? Contact the Xerox experts at X-Digital. We offer both new and refurbished Xerox printers, including Xerox Color Digital Presses you can use to take your product packaging to the next level. Our experts at X-Digital have over 30 years of experience providing technical support and maintenance for Xerox printers, ensuring that no matter what your printing needs are, X-Digital can help.


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