Xerox Versant 180 vs. Versant 3100

Xerox Versant 180 vs. Versant 3100

X-Digital Introduces the XEROX Versant Family of Production Color Presses

X-Digital is introducing the XEROX Versant models 180 and 3100. These two models have different benefits and features. The only way to find out which model is best for your shop or business is to evaluate the unique characteristics to both and see what model best tailors to your needs.  

There are multiple consideration factors when choosing between these two production models. Both models of Versant offer:

  • 10-bit depth 2400 x 2400 DPI ultra HD quality which creates detailed, lifelike images and ultra-smooth gradients and sharpness with detailed shadows and bright highlights. The halftone screens offer a smoother and crisper resolution. 
  • The ability to print everything from envelopes to banners to full-bleed booklets. A tray inserter extends to a minimum size of 4” x 6″ for postcards and envelopes. Print coated, uncoated, envelopes, tabs, polyester/ synthetic, textured, colored, banner, custom media, and mixed-stock printing.
    • Time and money savings through automated print production technology, including automatic sheet clearing, a stock library management system, a full-width array for accurate print server calibration, and automatic job management processing. 
    • Automated color calibration that saves operators time by turning a twenty-minute process into an instant, two-click verification. 
    • Use of emulsion aggregation toner that produces astonishing image quality without consuming fuser oil. Both printers use less dry ink than competing printing presses with similar specifications.
    • 50 sheet stapling uncoated/15 coated, includes hole punching, 500 top tray, 3,000 stacker tray for offset/stapled/punched output 
    • Finishing options listed below provide the ability to do full-bleed fully trimmed booklets:
      • Booklet Maker Finisher includes all the Standard Finisher features plus three output trays, bi-fold, saddle-stitch booklets up to 25 sheets (100 imposed/80 gsm), 10 sheets (40 imposed/106–176 gsm coated), 5 sheets (20 imposed/177–220 gsm coated), and optional C/Z Folder C/Z Folder Optional module for folding Letter, Tri, Envelope, Accordion, Concordia, ½ Accordion and Accordion Fold-out, 64–90 gsm uncoated 
  • Xerox® SquareFold® Trimmer Square fold flattens booklet spines up to 25 sheets (100 imposed) and face trims lead edge of booklet Xerox® 2-Knife Trimmer Attaches to Xerox® SquareFold Trimmer and cuts the top and bottom edges for full bleed booklet finishing. 

Features Unique to Each 

  • The Xerox Versant 180 is a powerful mid-production printing press suitable for small, busy print shops and enterprise environments. It can comfortably handle 80,000 prints per month, with a maximum monthly duty cycle of 750,000 pages. The Versant 180 is the successor to the popular Xerox Versant 80 machine.
  • The Xerox Versant 3100 is designed to handle up to 250,000 prints per month and has a monthly duty cycle of 1.2 million pages. It includes a unique suite of support tools designed to improve high-volume workflows through automation.

The Xerox Versant 180

With a smaller form factor and a print speed of 80 pages per minute, the Versant 180 is a perfect fit for environments that require the versatility of copying, scanning, and printing. Unlike the 3100, the Versant 180 features these built-in features. The unit comes with a dual-head color scanner that offers automatic duplex scanning at 200 pages per minute at 400 dpi resolution. It can scan images to a USB drive, an email inbox, or a cloud storage location such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Unlike the 3100, the Versant 180 includes compatibility for third-party applications directly from its control panel through the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform. This makes the Versant 180 a more versatile machine for the production environment that must also produce office document processing tasks.

The Xerox Versant 3100

The Xerox Full Production Versant 3100 includes these additional features:

  • Automatic jam clearance or single-zone jam clearance
  • Production accurate registration
  • Auto duplexing for sheet weights of up to 350 gsm

After a jam, unlike other equipment, the operator only removes sheets blocking the paper path – the system will automatically eject the other papers to the top trays so that the operator doesn’t have to open every single door and remove every single sheet manually.

Production accurate registration is a unique technology that maintains precise front-to-back registration during printing. This printing press features registration accuracy of +/- 0.5 millimeters for paper stocks of up to 300 gsm. For auto-duplexed 350 gsm sheets, this figure is 0.8 millimeters.

X-Digital Recommendation

If your shop or inhouse repro center requires best-in-class print quality and versatility in a mid-production environment, the Versant 180 will fulfill your needs while saving you time and money. If you are looking for a robust, high-production printing-only workhorse press, then the Versant 3100 is the best choice.  

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