Xerox Versant 4100 vs 280 Product Comparison

Xerox Versant 4100 vs 280 Product Comparison

Whether you are looking for light-to-medium production printing, or need a heavy-duty solution for demanding printing environments, there’s sure to be a Xerox Versant digital production press that’s right for you. So much more than just a printer and copier, a Xerox Versant machine is an integrated printing solution for your business. 

This year, Xerox introduced two new models to the Versant lineup: the Versant 280 and the Versant 4100. Both of these systems are incredibly powerful but tend to excel in different environments. Let’s take a closer look at each of these systems so that you can understand which is right for you!

Versant 280

The Versant 280 is a reimagined and upgraded version of the venerable Versant 180 digital production press. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • Heavier Media – The Versant 280 enables you to print on media up to 400 gsm at speeds up to 60 ppm with the stock package, and 80 ppm with the performance package upgrade. In contrast, the Versant 180 topped out at media weighing 350 gsm, and had slightly slower print speeds.
  • All Stocks Rated Speed (ASRS) – The ASRS option is new on the Versant 280, and allows for printing speeds clocking in 25% faster on heavy 400 gsm stock. Using an upgraded integrated decurler, the ASRS allows for printing at 80 ppm on 400 gsm stock, delivering unprecedented levels of productivity on a variety of media.

The ability to print on heavier stocks at faster speeds is what sets the Versant 280 apart from the 180. Both systems share the following features that make them great for a variety of different applications:

  • Monthly print volume of 80,000 pages. Monthly duty cycle of 750,000 pages.
  • Flexible media options (coated, uncoated, envelopes, banners, tabs, custom media, textured, synthetic / polyester, and mixed-media printing).
  • Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA) – Automated paper transport controls that are designed to ensure consistent registration across media types.
  • Bias Charge Rolls – Automatically cleaning to enhance productivity.
  • Integrated Smart Decurler – Produces the flattest sheets possible by taking into account media type, humidity, coverage and more.
  • Simplified Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) – Automated image transfers and image-to-media alignment.
  • Compact Belt Fuser – Allows the system to print on heavier stock at higher speeds with more consistency and reliability.
  • Small footprint – The Versant 280 delivers unparalleled power in a small form factor. The standard package measures only 48” H x 30” W x 33” D. 

Versant 4100

The Versant 4100 features upgrades to the workhorse Versant 3100 digital production press that are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in the most demanding printing environments. The Xerox 4100 boasts these features that set it apart from its predecessor:

  • Support for Heavier Media – Like the Versant 280, the Versant 4100 enables printing on heavier stock media. Media weights up to 400 gsm aren’t a problem for the Versant 4100, and with enhanced automation, you’ll get consistently great print quality no matter what media type you use.
  • Simple Stock Management – With the Versant 4100 you won’t have to build a new profile each time you want to change stocks. Instead, you’ll be able to simply scan the barcode on the stock you want to use and the 4100 will do the rest. That’s possible because of the  Xerox® PredictPrint Media Management Software, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize settings for different media types.

Alongside these new features, the Versant 4100 carries over many of the same capabilities that have made the Versant 3100 a great choice. These include:

  • Monthly print volume of 250,000 prints. Monthly duty cycle of 1.2 million prints.
  • Closed-Loop Process Controls.
  • Compact Belt Fuser.
  • Self-cleaning Bias Charge Rolls.
  • Automated Sheet Clearing.
  • Integrated Smart Decurler.
  • EA Low-Melt Dry Ink toner.
  • Flexible media and finishing options.

Finding the Right Versant for You

Aren’t sure which Versant model is right for you? Both the Versant 280 and 4100 are great options that can be tailored to fit any number of business needs. However, there are some key differences that should be taken into account. These include:

  • Print Volume – With a monthly print volume of 80,000, the Versant 280 is ideal for light to medium production printing environments. In contrast, the Versant 4100 is capable of up to 250,000 prints each month, which makes it the best choice for demanding, high-output printing environments.
  • Automation – If you want the top-of-the-line advanced automation for printing on heavier media, the Versant 4100 simply can’t be matched. With the introduction of the Xerox® PredictPrint Media Management Software, the Versant 4100 offers unparalleled automation for all media types, resulting in higher output and increased efficiency.
  • Speed – Both the Versant 280 and 4100 offer great printing speeds on heavier media, but the 4100 edges ahead with the ability to print up to 100 ppm on stock up to 300 gsm, and 80 ppm on stock up to 400 gsm.
  • Size – If space is a concern, you’ll want to look at the Versant 280. It’s a powerful system in a small form factor that has modular feeding and finishing options, allowing you to tailor the system to your needs and space constraints.

Closing Thoughts

Both the Versant 4100 and 280 are powerful systems that offer a range of finishing options that will allow you to meet the printing demands of today and the future. Designed to grow alongside your business, both systems feature the automation tools you need to boost efficiency and output. 

While the Versant 280 tends to be a great choice for light or medium production needs, the Xerox Versant 4100 Press is designed to function in even the most demanding printing environments. 

Aren’t sure which system is right for you? Reach out to our team at X-Digital! We’ll be happy to help you find the right Versant machine for your needs. To learn more, contact us today.


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