2020 Print Trends to Consider

2020 Print Trends to Consider

As time goes on, technology seems to advance at an increasing rate. The technology of the print industry is no exception.

Even as many organizations attempt to go paperless, print media, print marketing, and physical documents are still a prominent feature of the modern workplace. Digital media hasn’t yet eliminated the need for the printed page. If anything, these changes have inspired impressive innovations within the print industry.

In 2020, printer manufacturers have evolved their machines to meet modern consumers’ demands, resulting in some notable print trends. To learn about these industry trends to update and upgrade printing, keep reading.

Popular Print Trends of 2020

So what are the most popular printing trends of 2020?

#1 Multifunctionality

Many tech devices bundle multiple features into one machine. The smartphone is a great example. It’s simultaneously a phone, a camera, a calculator, and a music player all in one.

In a similar fashion, in the printing industry, multifunction printers bundle the following office equipment into one machine:

  • A printer
  • A scanner
  • A copier
  • A fax machine

By combining these essential business appliances, multifunction printers free up space within the office. They’re also easier for employees to use, cost less to maintain, and use less electricity.

#2 Enhanced Security

Did you know that 60% of companies have experienced a printer-related security breach in 2019? It’s easy to overlook printer security, but it’s a critical component to preventing data breaches, especially if your business deals with confidential information.

Though printer security may have been neglected in the past, printer manufacturers now treat it as a top priority. To follow this trend, new printers feature multi-layer security systems, including end-to-end encryption, user access restrictions, and data breach detection software.

Investing in a secure printer will save you money in the long term, as you circumvent costly data breaches.

#3 Increased Workflow Automation

Workflow automation conveniently automates specific business processes, taking them off your plate. For instance, if you’ve ever set up a recurring Google calendar meeting, you’ve enjoyed the perks of workflow automation.

That level of convenience is now available in modern printers. Printer manufacturers have jumped on the workflow automation bandwagon by automating the following processes:

  • Color management
  • Sheet clearing
  • Sheet decurling
  • Image caching
  • In-line finishing
  • Document storing

By using a printer with workflow automation, you’ll save time that would have otherwise been spent tinkering with your printer. With this print industry trend, you can be more productive in the areas that matter most.

#4 Print-On-The-Go Capabilities

The modern workforce uses a variety of devices during their workday. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an office that doesn’t have a few tablets and smartphones lying around. These devices are often used in place of a laptop or computer, especially during meetings.

Thus, it’s important for employees to be able to print from these devices.

It’s disruptive to have to run back to your desktop every time you need to print. Fortunately, with print-on-the-go capabilities, you can print from any device in your workplace, as long as you have a WiFi connection. In turn, your office will enjoy greater cohesion and increased productivity while creating printed materials with this trend.

#5 Increased Sustainability

The environment matters to consumers and companies alike. Many consumers prefer to patronize businesses that prioritize sustainability in their business practices. Fortunately, most modern print manufacturers take eco-friendliness very seriously.

Some environmentally-conscious print trends of 2020 include:

  • Using recycled paper
  • Recycling ink and toner cartridges to keep them out of landfills
  • Taking advantage of double-sided printing capabilities

In addition, high-quality printers cause fewer mistakes, reducing ink and paper waste and maximizing your supplies and print material budget. Not only will these eco-friendly practices save you money and help stimulate affordable color printing, but they can also increase the goodwill of your business.

#6 Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) centralize your print management within the cloud. In turn, MPS provides you with more visibility on your printing habits, as well as your monthly spending on print supplies.

By using MPS, you’ll outsource the following tasks to a print management expert:

  • Analyzing your print infrastructure
  • Monitoring your print output
  • Identifying potential printer problems
  • Re-ordering ink and paper automatically
  • Enhancing printer security

Managed print services have been shown to reduce printing costs by 30%! Thus, using these services is an excellent investment.

X-Digital: Keep Up With The Print Trends of 2020

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