7 Easy Printer Maintenance Tips For Small Businesses | X-Digital

7 Easy Printer Maintenance Tips For Small Businesses | X-Digital

Implementing a comprehensive maintenance schedule is crucial for protecting your investment in any printer model. Regardless of whether you are operating a multifunction printer in an office setting or a digital press in a print production environment, maintaining your printer is necessary for maximizing your output, minimizing downtime, and reducing larger maintenance costs down the road. Avoid a printer problem before you’re left scrambling for a last-minute fix and get it the proper maintenance today!

 1. Understand the Maintenance Needs for Your Printer

Though most modern printers share some basic operational similarities, there are key differences between printer models that affect what your maintenance routine will look like. At X-Digital we recommend starting with gaining a better understanding of exactly what proper maintenance is required for the specific printer model you own.

The manual that comes with your printer is often a great starting resource to get you acquainted with the terms for components in your printer and a general understanding of how those components interact. You can also take a closer look at the section on printer parts to help you understand what might have gone wrong when you’re in need of a printer maintenance service. 

If you’ve gone through the manual but are feeling overwhelmed by the process, it might be helpful to have someone who is knowledgeable about your printer talk you through the process. If you have a specific question about a part or maintenance technique, your manufacturer can also be a great resource. Another option is to go through printer maintenance training. Here at X-Digital, we offer self-service maintenance training for Xerox printers that will allow you to make the most of your printing press.

2. Keep Spare Parts on Hand

To minimize printing downtime, make sure to keep some spare printer parts on-hand. This will allow you to either proactively replace a failing part, or quickly replace a part that has failed mid-run. Either way, having spare parts on hand will ensure that you minimize downtime associated with a part failure.

Be sure to reorder parts once they are used so that you’ll have enough on-hand moving forward. Be sure to regularly check your stock of spare parts and reorder parts as needed. It can be a good idea to keep an inventory spreadsheet to track your spare parts as well. Preventative maintenance and upkeeping with products are key to extending the longevity of your printer.

3. Regularly Inspect Your Prints

This is one of the easiest tips that anyone can incorporate into your maintenance routine. The simple act of closely inspecting the quality of your copy will often allow you to identify issues early on. Identifying problems as a part of a routine maintenance check early on can allow you to address a smaller issue before you waste supplies and ink, or before a part completely fails. 

Understand how to enter a diagnostic mode for your specific printer. Run a test print while in service mode, then run a network print request. Comparing the results of these two diagnostic tests can indicate when it’s time for recalibration.

4. Proactively Replace Parts

If you want to minimize downtime and improve productivity, you should strongly consider proactively replacing parts before they fail entirely. This step is made much easier if you keep spare parts stocked on-site. Being proactive about parts replacement will help you boost printing up-time and minimize disruptions that occur due to part failure. At the same time, a proactive replacement policy will keep your machine operating smoothly, which reduces wear on other components in your system. You’ll extend the lifespan of your system, improve productivity, and minimize downtime with routine maintenance and a readily handy supply of parts.

5. Keep Maintenance Supplies

Keep basic maintenance supplies nearby and stocked. The fact is, even the most basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning your document glass won’t be done if the supplies to do it aren’t readily at hand. Keeping printer maintenance basics like lint-free cloths, cleaning swabs, latex gloves, and isopropyl alcohol stocked and nearby the printer will make your daily cleaning and maintenance tasks a breeze.

6. Toner and Paper

You might not realize it, but the stuff you put in your printer can have a big impact on how well it works. Be sure to only use the appropriate paper stock for your printer to avoid any misfeeds or a paper jam. Store your paper in a dry location and ensure that any paper you use is undamaged and without folding, wrinkling, or any other deformities. When loading paper into your printer, only load one type of paper into a tray at a time. The toner you use should be appropriate for your printer as well. For Xerox printers, it is recommended you use only genuine Xerox Toner.

7. Consider a Maintenance Contract for Your Refurbished Printer

Maintenance contracts can be a great way to get the most out of your refurbished Xerox printer. Understanding your maintenance options should be one of your primary considerations when buying a used or refurbished printer. Our team at X-Digital are Xerox experts and are an Authorized Xerox Service Provider for Southern California. If you’re curious about maintenance for your refurbished Xerox printer or refurbished copiers, give us a call. Our staff can walk you through your options, including our full-service maintenance options!

Closing Thoughts

Taking the time to properly maintain your printer is the number one factor affecting the durability, lifespan, and productivity you can expect out of it. Start by understanding exactly what the maintenance needs of your printer are, then build a comprehensive maintenance routine to identify a printer problem fast and easy. Be sure to keep cleaning supplies and spare parts on hand, while also taking care to properly store your paper and use the correct toner for your machine.

We understand printers can be costly, so by conducting regular printer maintenance, this can help be sure your print quality doesn’t go down! Looking to invest in a new printer but wondering how to minimize capital cost on this large investment? Well, look no further! Read on to find out the best way to buy your home or office printer.

Want to learn more about how to maintain your printer? Our team at X-Digital can train you! As an Authorized Xerox Service Provider in Southern California, we offer a full suite of maintenance options including self-maintenance consulting. To learn more, contact us today!


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