What’s the Best Toner for the Xerox Color c60/c70?

What’s the Best Toner for the Xerox Color c60/c70?

The Xerox Color c60/c70 printer is one of the best light production color printers that money can buy, so it’s tremendously important to care for the machine properly and prevent contamination.

Whether you purchased it new or as one of the available used or refurbished printers for sale,  the best ways to care for a printer like the Color c60/c70 is to buy the correct toner. Not only will this improve the quality of your prints, but it will ensure that you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with an unnecessary toner leak or even worse; a serious printer repair or replacement. For further recommendations, you can always reference the xerox color c60/c70 brochure: everything you need to know

Xerox provides NEW recommendations on which toner to use for each model, which we will break down in this quick and easy guide to select the perfect toner for your Xerox Color c60/c70

The Dynamics of Choosing a Toner

Before going into the types of toner that are suitable for your c60 or c70 printer, it’s important to understand the elements of color toner, how to purchase toner effectively (and where to buy it!).

First off, excellent image quality results from Xerox® Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Toner. The toner technology is chemically grown, so the small, consistent particles produce great quality with smooth transitions and an offset-like finish.

A Toner Overview

Toners typically come in four basic colors that are responsible for printing every colored deliverable that comes through your printer. That’s right! The most complex image you have ever printed is likely a result of mixing four colors together: 

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black

Black toner is typically cheaper than the other three, and since it experiences the most usage, needs to be purchased in higher volumes and frequency. However, as you already know, the Xerox Color c60/c70 is a color printer, so it’s important to purchase all four colors on a regular basis too. And, as we’ll cover later on, Xerox has expanded the toner options for the c60/c70 models to include the Vivid Color Kit adding the additional color options of clear, white, and metallic gold and silver.

Printer Toner Buying Options

Typically, you have four options when purchasing printer toner. You can either buy the toner directly from the manufacturer (in this case Xerox), buy authorized Xerox toner from a third party i.e., an authorized Xerox partner or purchase toner from a third-party toner manufacturer, or buy recycled cartridges. While the quality of the toner may suffer in the case of the latter two options, this toner will usually be cheaper. 

You may be able to find companies that provide toners that will fit into a Xerox Color c60/c70. Be sure to verify that these toner cartridges are the correct size and pay close attention to how many sheets they provide. As mentioned, Xerox cartridges will give you around 30,000 sheets, so if the ratio to price is less, there is no point in purchasing from a third-party. 

Page Yield

Additionally, different types of toner will have a different page yields, meaning the number of prints that can be produced by each cartridge. It is especially important to pay attention to this dynamic when purchasing recycled or third-party cartridges. Even if they are cheaper, they may have a lower page yield and thus be more expensive over time. 

Lastly, it is always important to monitor how the price shifts depending on the amount you buy. If you are an office manager procuring cartridges for a large company with heavy print volumes, it’s wise to buy in bulk. Conversely, if you’re using a printer for personal use or purchasing for a small business, it’s likely better to buy in lesser quantities. 

The Best Toners for the Xerox Color c60/c70

When choosing Xerox color c70 toner or xerox c60 toner, we recommend speaking with an industry leader like X-Digital. As an authorized Xerox Partner & Dealer of equipment, parts and supplies, the X-Digital team can help you select the best choice for your printer. They can also give you advice on current pricing for the refurbished: Xerox color c60/c70.

Color capabilities are also important to keep in mind. The toner colors have expanded to include four new colors: Offering called the Vivid Color kit

  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Clear
  • White

Adding these colors to the repertoire has a drastic effect on the ability to print complex photos and art pieces but could also be useful for anyone that creates posters or brochures. If you are using the c60/c70 model in a printing house, it is a necessity to employ all eight color variations. 

So, if you do decide to go the OEM route when purchasing toner for your Xerox Color c60/c70 printer, you can purchase the following 8 color variations: 

  • Black Toner
  • Cyan Toner
  • Magenta Toner
  • Yellow Toner
  • Gold Toner
  • Clear Toner
  • White Toner

The New Vivid Color Toner Kit

This is the new Vivid Color Kit optional accessory.  This particular CMYK Plus solution, however, was developed specifically for the Xerox® Color C60/C70 Printer. Bianco Digitale Software is required if the C60/70 does not include a fiery. This software is run on a customer provided client hardware.  For customers who already own the C60/70 with bustled or external fiery, a free software upgrade is available through fiery to accommodate the Vivid Color Kit. Since there are only 4 color housings either CMYK or the Vivid Color Kit can be run at any one time. Therefore, never swap colors or mix and match colorants. Therefore, no purge prints are required.  The defined sequence and arrangement must always be the same or you WILL contaminate the device. A trained key operator can typically swap one toner kit for another in 15–20 minutes. You can use any combination of the new (Vivid) Toners in the same file with CMYK Toners. However, this will require multiple print passes of the file.  Regarding calibration, the process remains the same as it is today for the Xerox® Color C60/C70 Printer. No additional calibrations are required in order to use Adaptive CMYK Plus Vivid Kit Technology. Additionally, EFI Servers provide a raster preview to show the new CMYK Plus Toners as they were designed in the prepress graphic arts application. Adobe Acrobat Tools also provides a preview.

The Vivid Toner and Cart Kit includes the following items: 

  1. Vivid Dispenser Assembly 
  2. Vivid Xerographic Drawer Unit with Developer and ATC sensors 
  3. Four matching ATC sensors 
  4. Cart 
  5. Connector brackets with harness 
  6. Insertion pins for Dispenser 
  7. Vivid Toner cartridges (G,W,S,Clr)

It’s your image. Unleash your creativity. • Match company colors, logos and offset presses. With the external fiery, The Xerox® Color C60/C70 Printer offers licensed PANTONE® matching for spot colors to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, PANTONE GOE™ and PANTONE PLUS. It’s also Fogra Certified for matching offset color presses and IDEAlliance Digital Press Certified to GRACoL® specifications.

Final Tip, Recycle!

It is also extremely important to recycle your cartridges after use. Xerox has their own recycling program that you can contact to help you recycle your cartridges. through the company, delete but you also may be able to access a local third-party that can assist you in recycling your used cartridges. 

Toner cartridges can have a major effect on the environment due to their high plasticity and chemical content. Additionally, the manufacturing of new cartridges uses a ton of energy. Since a recycled cartridge is as useful as a new one, don’t forget to send them back! 


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