Xerox Igen 4 Press

Xerox Igen 4 Press

If you are looking for the latest in productivity features and image quality in an environmentally friendly package, look no further than the IGEN 4 Press. The IGEN 4 Press has been designed from the ground up to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, while delivering unparalleled productivity and color to your products. The IGEN 4 Press combines best-in-class features that optimize workflow, enhance productivity for your team, and deliver consistently crisp and beautiful prints. Cutting edge technology and intelligent design have come together in the IGEN 4 to provide a digital press workstation that is ready to help your business meet the demands of of the modern digital printing world as it continues to evolve.

Product Highlights:

  • Feeder module (up to six), two paper trays each; load while run; up to 30,000-sheet capacity
  • Largest digital cut-sheet format, up to 14.33″ x 22.5″ (364 x 572 mm)
  • Gripperless transport mechanism allows printing to within 1 mm of sheet edge; enhances feeding reliability across a range of coated and uncoated paper stock
  • Easy-to-load, high capacity dry ink containers; replace while run
  • Single-point image transfer to paper with speeds up to 6,600 (110 prints per minute) 4/0 impressions per hour
  • Intelligent fusing adjusts for differences in stock; runs every sheet at rated speed
  • Stacker module (up to four); (2) wheeled carts per stacker; unload while run
  • Top tray for interrupt jobs

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