Refurbished Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA

Refurbished Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA

The Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA series production system was created to meet the needs of even the most demanding black and white printing environment. With a best-in-class printing resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi, and TELER registration, the Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA series production system will offer unmatched precision and clarity day after day.

Choose and purchase your printers based on your production needs. From a base production speed of 100 PPM for the Xerox Nuvera 100EA, to the top of the line 157 PPM offered by the Xerox Nuvera 157EA, you’ll be sure to find the perfect printing production system that has the capabilities to meet your demands. With all optional upgrades, the Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA has a total sheet capacity of 23,200, ensuring that even long production runs will go smoothly and efficiently. The Xerox Nuvera printers can be tailored for your specific production environment through a host of finishing options, allowing this high quality system to grow alongside your business needs.

Features & Options:

  • Standard capabilities: Production printing and finishing
  • Performance Resolution
    • Print: 4800 x 600 dpi
    • RIP: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Line screens
    • 85, 106, 125, 134, or 156 lpi
  • Media Dimensions: 5.5” x 8” to 7.2” x 8”
  • Media Types
    • Coated: gloss, silk, matte paper
    • Uncoated: book, text, bond, cover, bristol, index, offset
    • Specialty: carbonless, tabs, envelopes, never tear, preprinted offset forms
  • High Capacity Feeder: 
    • Standard Four-tray Sheet-feed Module: 5,800 sheets
    • Two-tray High-Capacity Sheet-feed Module: 3,200 sheets
    • Roll Feed Solution: uses DocuSheeter NV in conjunction with standard four-tray sheet-feed module

The Xerox Nuvera 100EA / 120EA / 144EA / 157EA series production system is the high-speed printer you've been waiting for. The high-quality results and amazing productivity will make any customer's life easier and it's priced at a great cost.

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